Vespa Shoes & Bags


Vespa is a brand that increasingly represents a global icon and an individual style, transcending fads and trends. Its shoes, bags and accessories collections are expressions of a free, urban, Italian and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Vespa's footwear collection is full of new models, forms and colors, all inspired by the most famous scooters in the world. Cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes make them the coolest shoes on the market, in line with the Vespa spirit.


Style and functionality are at the heart of this season sensation: Vespa bags have been expressively thought out and designed for city life and country trips alike, for riding a scooter or moving freely. With a particularly trendy design and many innovative details, Vespa bags are the flagship collection of functional fashion.

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Wallets, key chains, man bags, all the newest accessories stand out for their inimitable details, a legacy of the Vespa world: the high-visibility label and the zip puller based on the original design of the legendary Vespa Primavera's horn cover. For a style choice that never neglects details.